EggTABLE 1Cells of the adult uterus

EggTABLE 1: Cells of the adult uterus.

aAdult uterus cells: (ut) uterine toroid; (utse) uterine seam; (uv) uterine ventral; (du) dorsal uterine.
bSPh precursor: (SPh) Somatic gonadal primordium of the hermaphrodite (see EggFIG 14A and SomaticFIG 1); (VU) ventral uterine precursor; (DU) dorsal uterine precursor; (AC) anchor cell. Note: The AC is not a precursor cell; it fuses with the utse, which is formed by fusion of eight VU grand progeny.
*The neurosecretory uv1 cells are the likely source of the tyramine that controls egg laying; the close proximity of the uv1 cells to the egg-laying neuromusculature suggests a paracrine role for tyramine in the inhibition of egg laying. The uv1 cells form adherens junctions with the utse and the vulF vulval cells, and help connect the uterus with the vulva. They contain neurosecretory vesicles and express several neurosecretory proteins, including SNT-1 (synaptotagmin), UNC-64 (syntaxin), IDA-1 (phogrin-IA-2) as well as neuropeptides (Alkema et al., 2005 and the references therein.)

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