EggFIG 11A The uterine muscles

EggFIG 11A: The uterine muscles.

Epifluorescent image of an adult hlh-1/hlh2::GFP transgenic animal, midbody, lateral view, left side. This reporter is expressed in the sex muscles of the egg-laying apparatus: the uterine muscles (um1L/R and um2L/R) and the vulval muscles (vm1L/R and vm2L/R). Right-side uterine and vulval muscles (not shown) um1R, um2R, vm1R, and vm2R are located at the back. (Colored lines) Approximate boundaries of neighboring tissue. (BWM) Dorsal boundary of the ventral body wall muscle quadrant. Magnification, 1000x. (Strain source: B.D. Harfe, M. Krause, and A. Fire.)

See also EggFIG 11B&C.

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