EggFIG 11BC The uterine muscles

EggFIG 11B&C: The uterine muscles.

B. TEM, transverse section, of a late-L4 hermaphrodite uterus (before ovulation) in the region indicated by the box in A. (um) Uterine muscle; (vm) vulval muscle; (VNCL, VNCR) ventral nerve cord, left and right fascicle, respectively. (Image source: L4 Vul [MRC] 486619.)
C. TEM, transverse section of an adult hermaphrodite uterus wall at high magnification. (BL) Basal lamina; (UBL) uterine basal lamina. (Image source: N2U [MRC] A629-24.)

See also EggFIG 11A .

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