SomaticFIG 1: Development of the somatic gonad, lateral view

SomaticFIG 1: Development of the somatic gonad, lateral view.

Top Schematic of the L1 gonadal primordum showing Z1 and Z4, which give rise to tissues of the somatic gonad, and Z2 and Z3, which generate the germ line.
Middle Schematic of cells of the somatic gonadal primordium of the hermaphrodite (SPh) showing the arrangement of Z1 and Z4 descendants, the somatic gonad precursors, and the DTCs. Cells arrange in one of two configurations (5L or 5R), depending on whether Z1ppp or Z4aaa becomes the anchor cell (AC). The developing germ line occupies the area between the DTCs and the somatic gonad precursors. Precursors in the SPh are colored according to the adult tissues to which they will contribute. Precursors: (DU) dorsal uterine; (SS) spermatheca/sheath; (VU) ventral uterine.
Differential interference contrast (DIC) microscopy image of an adult anterior gonad arm. The extent and location of mature somatic gonad tissues are indicated by the color overlay. Magnification, 400x. (Based on Kimble and Hirsh, 1979; McCarter et al., 1997.)

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