SomaticFIG 10 The spermathecal-uterine valve

SomaticFIG 10: The spermathecal-uterine valve.

A. DIC view of an adult hermaphrodite spermatheca (Sp) and sp-ut valve. Distal (DG) and proximal (PG) gonad. Magnification, 1000x.
B. DIC/epifluorescent image of a late-L4 cog-1::gfp transgenic animal before first ovulation. (Strain source: R.E. Palmer and P.W. Sternberg.)
TEM, transverse section of a late-L4 hermaphrodite spermathecal-uterine valve. Four sujn cells form a toroidal syncytium that constitutes the adult valve. The center of the valve is occupied by a syncytial core formed by two sujc cells. The core is displaced by the first ovulation event. (Image source: VS8/1 [MRC] 4920-14.

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