ReproFIG 1 The adult hermaphrodite reproductive system

ReproFIG 1: The adult hermaphrodite reproductive system.

(Top) Adult hermaphrodite, lateral view, left side, showing the location of the reproductive system within an intact animal. The reproductive system has twofold symmetry and consists of two U-shaped gonad arms joined to a common uterus. The reproductive system opens to the environment via the vulva, located in the ventral midbody. (Bottom) One half of the reproductive system, enlarged and separated from other body parts. (DTC) Distal tip cell; (DG) distal gonad; (PG) proximal gonad; (Sp) spermatheca; (Sp-ut) spermathecal-uterine valve; VC1-6 and HSNL/R are motor neurons that control egg-laying. The VC1 cell body (not shown) is situated more anteriorly.

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