PhaFIG 5DE Pharyngeal epithelium

PhaFIG 5D & E: Pharyngeal epithelium.

D. Level slightly posterior to C. e2 and e3 cells are connected to each other by adherens junctions (white arrowheads). (Top inset) Section level. Intermediate filaments (arrows), which extend from the lumenal cuticle to the pharyngeal basal lamina, are attached to the basal lamina by electron-dense half-desmosomes (arrowheads). Bar, 1 μm. (Image source: N2T [MRC] A61-11.)
Posterior of the pharyngeal epithelium and the anterior of the pharyngeal musculature. Three cuticular flaps are also seen. (Image source: N2T [MRC] A63-4.)

See also PhaFIG 5A-C.

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