PeriFIG 2 Basement membranes lie the pseudocoelom

PeriFIG 2: Basement membranes line the pseudocoelom and accessory pseudocoelom.

A. and B. Graphic rendition of the basal laminae (BL, orange lines) in cross sections of the head at posterior procorpus level (A) and midbody (B) region. (Based on White, 1988; Graham et al., 1997; Vogel and Hedgecock, 2001.)
C. BL of the gonad and intestine. TEM, longitudinal section. The basal lamina of the gonad covers the surface of the sheath cell. A glycocalyx that covers the surface of the proximal most two to three oocytes is present between the sheath and the oocyte. A yolk granule that has been secreted from the intestine is seen passing through the gonad BL and sheath. Bar, 1μm. (Image source: [Hall] N533-311.)

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