NeuroFIG 33 Inner labial sensilla

NeuroFIG 33: Inner labial sensilla.

A. Graphic rendition depicting the cells of the left-side inner labial sensilla. Axons of IL1 and IL2 neurons are omitted. Both IL1 and IL2 are sets of six ciliated neurons, and each IL sensillum contains one neuron from each set. Dendrites of IL1 and IL2 neurons run in each of the six labial process bundles. IL1 and IL2 cell bodies are located anteriorly to the NR. Posteriorly directed axons rejoin the labial process bundles and enter the NR (not shown). The socket cell and sheath cell of each labial sensillum are located more anteriorly than the neurons. The sensilla are placed at the tip of each of the six lips.
Epifluorescent image of the left-side IL1 neurons from a transgenic animal expressing the reporter gene Y111B2A.8::GFP. (Thick arrow) Dendrite of IL1DL; (thin arrow) axon of the same neuron, lateral view. (Strain source: The Genome BC C. elegans gene expression consortium [McKay et al., 2004].)
Epifluorescent image of right-side IL2 neurons from an animal stained with the vital dye DiO. (Thick arrow) Dendrite of IL2DR; (thin arrow) axon of the same neuron, lateral view. Bar, 20 μm. (Image source: L. Ryder.)

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