NeuroFIG 27 Cells of the amphid sensilla

NeuroFIG 27: Cells of the amphid sensilla.

A. Schematic of the left lateral side of the head depicting the three types of cells of the amphid: one sheath cell, one socket cell, and a representative chemosensory neuron (ADFL) out of 12 amphid neurons. Each amphid neuron is bipolar with one sensory process (dendrite) and one presynaptic process (axon). The dendrite extends to the lip and terminates as a cilium, whereas the axon extends to the nerve ring to make synapses.
Epifluorescent image of the right-side amphid from an animal coexpressing the T08G3.3::DsRed (ADF) and daf-6::GFP (Amsh and Amso) transgenes. View is equivalent to the boxed portion in A. The paired cilia of ADF are exposed to the outside through the sheath and socket channels. Bar, 2.5 μm. (Image reprinted, with permission, from Perens and Shaham 2005. ©Elsevier.) (Top panel) Graphic rendition of the same region with two-pronged ADF and the large wing-like AWC cilium enclosed by the enlarged distal portion of the sheath and socket processes. (Green) Sheath cell; (pink) socket cell.
C. Epifluorescent images of the amphid sheath. Images are from transgenic animals expressing the ver-1::GFP reporter gene in the sheath (arrows) and DiI stain in the amphid neurons (arrowheads). Amphid sheath cells are localized on the dorsal right and dorsal left sides of the pharynx terminal bulb (green oval, top and middle panels). A thick process extends anteriorly from each soma and travels to the lips within the amphid nerve to expand into a large sheet close to the sensilla. (Top panel) Dorsal view. (Middle panel) Left lateral view. (Bottom panel) Same as middle panel but with colors shown. Magnification, 400x. (Strain source: R. Roubin, C. Popovici, and S. Shaham.)
DIC images of the left amphid sheath cell (left panel) and the right amphid sheath cell (right panel.)

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