NeuroFIG 22 Positions of left-side C. elegans sensilla

NeuroFIG 22: Positions of left-side C. elegans sensilla.

A similar set of sensilla is found on the right side.
Twenty of these sensilla are located in the head, with their endings in the lips. Head sensilla include amphid and OLL sensilla on the lateral sides of the lips, CEP and OLQ sensilla on the dorsal and ventral quadrant lips, and IL sensilla on the medial side of all six lips. The somata of the cells that comprise the IL, OLL, and OLQ sensilla as well as CEPso and Amso are clustered around the anterior isthmus and anterior bulb of the pharynx. The remaining CEP sensillar cells lie close to the NR, whereas amphid neurons and Amsh cells are posterior to the nerve ring. The anterior dendrites of these sensillar cells run to the lips in distinct nerve bundles. Within the lips, they end in visible papillae (IL) or pockets (amphid), or they make cuticular endings (CEP, OLQ, and OLL) that are not visible from the surface (see NeuroFIG 4A). All of their axons project to the NR (not shown). Only CEPsh cells are shown on the right side.
Three pairs of sensilla are located in the region from the posterior head to tail. ADE sensillar cells are located around the posterior bulb of the pharynx. (Only the ADE neuron is shown.) Cells of PDE sensilla are located halfway between the vulva and anus. (Only the PDE neuron is shown.) Cells of phasmid sensilla are located in the tail (only the PHA neuron is shown). (Small blue fingers) Location of each sensillar cilium wrapped by the sheath and socket cell processes (not shown).

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