NeuroFIG 11A&B Neurons that sense ambient oxygen levels

NeuroFIG 11A&B: Neurons that sense ambient oxygen levels.

A. Graphic rendition of the sensory neurons that function in aerotaxis, lateral aspect (Gray et al., 2004; Zhang et al., 2005). AQR is a right-sided neuron; PQR is a left-sided neuron. Additionally, nociceptive ASH and ADF neurons (not shown) might respond to oxygen. Of the neuron pairs, only left-sided members are shown.
B. A transverse TEM image from the head region just posterior to the nerve ring. URX cell bodies have direct exposure to pseudo-coelomic fluid and its contents. They are placed dorsally between the dorsal ganglion and lateral ganglia; however, they do not belong to these ganglia and are not bounded by their basal laminae (BL). Similar to other neurons, URX are small cells with scant cytoplasm. Bar, 1 μm. (Image source: [MRC] N2U-A201-6.)

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