HypFIG 11D-F Hypodermis of the head

HypFIG 11D-F: Hypodermis of the head.

D&E. Epifluorescent images of transgenic L1-stage animals expressing the ajm-1::GFP reporter in the hypodermis. (Strain source: H. Yu and P. W. Sternberg.)
D. Ventral view. hyp 6 and hyp 7 syncytia are connected by adherens junctions, but have not yet fused. hyp 7 makes a complete ring around the posterior of the head, isolating the excretory pore (e). The adherens junctions in ventral hyp 7 on both sides of the excretory pore have almost completely dissolved (arrowheads).
Lateral oblique view. Anterior end of seam cells (of H0) extend to hyp 6-hyp 5 junction. The excretory pore is aligned with the anterior deirid (d) and the junction between H1 and H2 seam cells. hyp 7 and hyp 6 make complete rings passing underneath the seams.
F. TEM, longitudinal section through the anterior of the head of an adult animal as shown in inset. The ventral nuclei and cytoplasm of the hyp 4 syncytium are colored (pink) over the TEM image. The outer hyp 4 ring (bracket) encircles the head between the level of arcade-pharyngeal epithelium junction and near he tip of the lips on the outside. The hyp 5 ring (not shown) is posterior to the hyp 4 ring. (Image source: [Hall] B156-7778.) Bar, 1 μm.

See also HypFIG 11A-C.

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