GermFIG 2 Germ cells

GermFIG 2: Germ cells.

A&C. TEM, transverse sections, of an adult hermaphrodite at low magnification with color overlay to indicate tissue domains. The distal portion of the gonad (dorsal) consists of thin gonadal sheath cells surrounding a syncytium of germ cells that are attached to a central cytoplasmic core (the rachis). The proximal region of the gonad (ventral) consists of a thicker gonadal sheath surrounding a female gamete, the oocyte (A) or sperm (C). (GBL) Gonadal basal lamina. (Image source: N533 [Hall] F560.)
B. TEM, longitudinal section, of adult germ line from the distal region of the gonad, viewed at high magnification. (Image source: N506 [Hall] F672.)

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