GapjunctFIG 5: Innexin expression pattern in the pharynx.units.

GapjunctFIG 5: Innexin expression pattern in the pharynx.

Expression patterns for innexin genes are mapped vs the pharyngeal muscle segments, pm1 to pm9, illustrating which are highly expressed (dark bars) or weekly expressed (lighter bars) in the adult hermaphrodite. While many muscles express similar sets of innexins, each segment of pm muscles tends to express a different combination than its nearest neighbors. Within a segment, pharyngeal muscles lie in cell pairs which are often syncytial to their nearest neighbor, and form gap junctions to nearby marginal cells (GapjunctFIG 3C). Between segments, each muscle cell forms gap junctions to the muscles in the neighboring segment. Arcade cells, purple; pharyngeal epithelium (pe) and pm muscles (1-8), green; valve cells, brown; intestine, pink.

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