ExcFIG 8 Secretory excretory junction

ExcFIG 8: Secretory-excretory junction.

Adherens junction (black arrowheads, bottom panel ) between the excretory cell, the gland cell, and the duct cell is shown by the schematic drawing overlaid on a TEM (middle panel ) of the region. The canals have joined to make the single excretory sinus within the excretory cell body (red). The osmotic fluid generated from the excretory cell passes through the sinus into the duct at this junction (top arrow, middle inset and bottom panel). The secretions of the gland cell pass through the convoluted secretory membrane (white arrowhead, bottom panel) to the duct (bottom arrows, middle inset and bottom panel). The secreted/ excreted material then travels to outside via the duct (curved brown arrow, middle panel). The collagenous cuticle lining of the duct continues throughout the duct. (Top right panel) Detail of the region from ExcFIG 1B. Bar, 1 μm. (TEM image source: [Hall] N510.)

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