EggFIG 6C The adult vulva

EggFIG 6C&D: The adult vulva.

C. DIC/epifluorescent image, ventral view, of a young adult transgenic animal expressing an ajm-1::GFP reporter gene. The fusion protein localizes to the apical (lumenal) surface of each vulval toroid. Magnification, 1000x. (Strain source: H. Yu and P.W. Sternberg.)
D. TEM, horizontal section of an adult vulva featuring the cuticle, lumen and surrounding vulval toroids and the borders between them. (Image source: N507 [Hall] V971.)
TEM, horizontal section, in the region indicated by the box in 6D, showing adherens junctions between vulval toroid borders. (Image source: N507 L5 [Hall] V778.)

See also EggFIG 6A&B.

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