EggFIG 4AB Uterus development

EggFIG 4A&B: Uterus development.

A. Lateral view. Reciprocal LIN-12 signaling between VU cells Z1ppp (AC/VU) and Z4aaa (AC/VU) establishes one as the anchor cell (AC) and the other as a ventral uterine (VU) precursor cell. (DU) Dorsal uterine precursor; (SPh) somatic gonadal primordium of the hermaphrodite. Precursors are colored according to the tissues to which they give rise in the adult.
Lateral view. LIN-12 signal from the AC induces the six nearest VU grand progeny to adopt the π fate. Remaining VU grand progeny adopt the ρ fate.

See also EggFIG 4C&D.

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