EggFIG3 Electron micrographs of the uterus

EggFIG 3: Electron micrographs of the uterus.

TEMs of the L4 uterus, after completion of uterus morphogenesis, but before the first ovulation.
Transverse section of a late-L4 hermaphrodite from the region shown in EggFIG 2A and EggFIG 3C. (Image source: L4Vul [MRC] 4868-20.)
A closer view of A in the region where the uterus and vulva join the body wall at the lateral seam. (UBL) Uterine basal lamina. (Image source: L4Vul [MRC] 4869-4.)
C. Graphic rendition of the uterus, transverse view. (BWM) Body wall muscle; (aj) adherens junction. (Adapted from Neuman et al., 1996.)

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