EggFIG2 Uterus structure

EggFIG 2A-D: Uterus structure.

A&B. Schematics of the uterus at late L4, after completion of uterus morphogenesis but before the first ovulation. A. Lateral view. The right side of A is a cutaway view. B. Ventral view. (Based on Newman et al., 1996.)
Epifluorescent image, lateral view, left side, of an adult ajm-1::GFP transgenic hermaphrodite, midbody region. (Strain source: J. Simske.) (aj) Adherens junction. Magnification, 400x.
Epifluroescent image, lateral view of an adult ajm-1::GFP transgenic hermaphrodite showing the adherens junctions at cell borders, midbody region. (Image source: I. Kolotuev and B. Podbilewicz.)

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