Mission Statement:

We aim to serve the C. elegans community by:

  1. Aiding them in conducting high resolution TEM projects

  2. Creating a digital database of TEM images & wild type tissues- an Atlas of worm anatomy

  3. Developing and improving EM techniques for C. elegans research

  4. Training students, post-docs and technicians in EM techniques for C. elegans

Current Specialties:

  1. Serial thin section reconstruction of C. elegans tissues

  2. Analysis of mutant pathologies by TEM

  3. Localization of antigens by post-embedding immunoEM

  4. High Pressure Freezing and Freeze substitution for TEM studies

  5. Electron Tomography of cells and organelles

Who Can Use The Center’s Facilities?

Our primary focus is to aid the funded research aims of the C. elegans community, particularly those groups with NIH or NSF support. However, we are also available to help research groups with other funding sources by arrangement.

What Does It Cost?

Electron microscopy is expensive, but we are attempting to make these sources more affordable. The Center makes some efficiencies possible; beyond those savings, we share direct costs between your grant and our Center grant funding. Because we have a small staff, we are limited in the number of new projects which we can begin each year.