DPhaFIG 4. Pharynx epithelium of dauer larva.

DPhaFIG 4: Pharyngeal epithelium of dauer larva.

A&B. Illustrations of the pharyngeal epithelial cells in L4 and dauer larvae. The junctions between pharyngeal epithelial cells are shorter and less circuitous in the dauer (B). (Image source: A, WormAtlas PhaFIG 5A.)
C&D. Transverse TEM sections of L4 and dauer larva showing the pharynx epithelium. Within the epithelial cells, intermediate filaments (large white arrows) attach to the apical and basal plasma membranes by hemi-desmosomes (red arrowheads). The junctions between epithelial cells are reinforced by adherens junctions (yellow arrowheads), which appear to be thicker in the dauer. In the non-dauer L4, adherens junctions between cells are shorter and the cellular boundaries are more circuitous. (Image sources: C, N2 L4 from recovered dauer 52-7-2 [D. Riddle] 94; D, N2 starved dauer 50-2-2 [D. Riddle] 137.)

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