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N.B. According to nomenclature, cell names in embryonic lineages are written without a period between the blast cell name and ant/post or left/right divisions (e.g., AB apa), while in postembryonic lineages a period is introduced between blast cell name and ant/post or left/right divisions (e.g., Z1.pap)

Embryonic Cell Lineage (by J .E. Sulston, E. Schierenberg, J. G. White, J. N. Thomson):

Head neurons adult

Post-embryonic Cell Lineages (by J .E. Sulston and H. R. Horvitz):

H, V, T Lineages
AS neurons
P Lineage
Dosal DA and DB neurons

M Lineage

VA neurons

B, Y (C), U (E), F Lineages (in male)

VB neurons

Q, G, K Lineages

VC neurons

Unlabeled Lineage Diagram

Gonadal Lineages (by J. Kimble and D. Hirsh):

Z1, Z4 Lineages (Hermaphrodite)
AS neurons
Z1, Z4 Lineages (Male)
Dosal DA and DB neurons

Abbreviations Used in the Tables:

bm: body muscle
cc: coelomocyte    
dtc: distal tip cell    
g: neuron or glial cell
i: intestine
lc: linker cells    
se: seam
set: tail seam
sv: seminal vesicle    
sy syncytial
um1: type 1 uterine muscle
um2: type 2 uterine muscle    
vh: ventral hypodermal cell    
vm1: type 1 vulval muscle    
vm2: type 2 vulval muscle