ACutFIG 5: Rectal cuticle growt

ACutFIG 5: Rectal cuticle growth during aging.

During adulthood, the rectal cuticle may expand into the body space to partially encompass the anal depressor muscle attachments.
Adult hermaphrodite with rectal area indicated by box. Black arrow indicates approximate position of transverse TEM sections shown in C, D & E.
Detail of the rectal area from boxed region in A. (Image source: WormAtlas).
, D & E. Transverse TEM sections of rectum where rectal cuticle joins the body cuticle at the posterior. Rectal cuticle is indicated. In older adults, the rectal cuticle expands into the body surrounding the base of the anal depressor muscles.
Scale bars, 5 microns. (Image sources: C. B140C [D. Hall] T565; D. N826 [D. Hall] G5802; E. N801 [D. Hall] E556.)

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