The Mind of 
	a Worm

Members: SDQL, SDQR.

SDQ is a set of two interneurons with laterally located cell bodies. The cell body of SDQL is situated in the anterior body; that of SDQR, in the posterior body. Both send out single, anteriorly directed processes, which initially run laterally but later run in the dorsal sub-lateral cords, and then, along with the other processes from these cords, enter the nerve ring sub-dorsally. The processes run ventrally round the inner surface of the ring and end sub-ventrally on the contralateral side. Most of the synapses are situated mid-ventrally, where the processes enlarge somewhat. There is significantly more synaptic output from SDQR than SDQL and this may reflect the fact that the process of SDQR is shorter than that of SDQL. The main synaptic outputs are to AVB (a), AVA (b, c), DVA (a), AIB (c) and RIS (c). There are gap junctions to itself (d), AVB and RIV (d). Magnifications: (a, b, d) x 25000, (c) x 17000.

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