The Mind of 
	a Worm


SAB is a set of three interneurons, which send processes anteriorly up the sub-lateral cords in the head. All the cell bodies, which are situated in the retro-vesicular ganglion, send out anteriorly directed processes which leave the ventral cord via the amphidial commissures. The processes of SABV join the anterior sub-ventral cords along with the processes of SAAV (e); the process of SABD runs round the right-hand side of the animal and sends a process into each anterior sub-dorsal cord along with one from SAAD (d). No synaptic output has been seen from SAB in adults; however, in the L1 larval stage, SABs have several NMJs in the anterior ventral cord (b). The synaptic input onto SABs is much the same as that onto VAn and DAn motoneurons; it comes from AVD (a), AVE (a) and AVA (a). These synapses are often clustered together (a), making synaptic complexes that are a characteristic feature of the neuropile of the retro-vesicular ganglion. SAB has gap junctions to AVA (c) , DAn and VAn. Magnifications: (a, c) x 25500, (b) x 34000.

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