The Mind of 
	a Worm

Member: PVT.

WA editors' note: Later studies have shown that in the anterior half of the animal the process that was originally attributed to DVB is actually that of PVT, and vice versa. Hence, it is not the DVB axon but the PVT axon that reaches the nerve ring, and the connections that were attributed to DVB axon are actually those of PVT (WBG 16(1):24 (October 1, 1999))

PVT has a large cell body, situated in the pre-anal ganglion, which sends out a fairly large, anteriorly directed process that runs near the middle of the ventral cord (b). This process presumably terminates somewhere in the posterior body, as it does not seem to be present in the anterior ventral cord. No synaptic outputs have been seen from this neuron. It receives some synaptic input from PVN (a) and PVW (*a); there is also a gap junction to PVP (c). Magnifications: (a-c) x 25500.
PVT ventral cord synapses
partners gap junctions synapses from synapses to and corecipients
PVW - 1+2m -
PVN - 2 -
PVP - - -

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