The Mind of 
	a Worm

Members: PVPL, PVPR.

PVP is a pair of neurons with cell bodies situated in the pre-anal ganglion. Processes project anteriorly from the cell bodies, cross over (j), and then run up the ventral cord on either side of the hypodermal ridge. The processes of PVP then enter the nerve ring and run round either side of it, in the middle of the neuropile, until they meet a:nd terminate with a gap junction and vesicle-filled swellings on the dorsal mid-line (g). The processes in the ring seem to be closely associated with AVB; they also vary considerably in diameter. In the nerve ring, the main synaptic output is to AVB (a, d), PVC (a), RIG (b), AVA (c), AVH (c) and there is some synaptic input from RIF (*c) and AVH. In the ventral cord, there are a few synapses onto the hypodermis (f) and AVL (e); there are many gap junctions to AQR and DVC (*d) and a few to PQR (*h), PHA (*d), AVK and VDn (h). Magnifications: (a, b, d) x 25500, (c, e, f, h) x 17000, (g) x 12750.

PVP ventral cord synapses
partners gap junctions synapses from synapses to and corecipients
AVL - - 1, PVQ, DVC, DD2
HDC - - 3
DVC 12 - 1,AVL
DD2 - - AVL
DVB - 1+1m -
VC3 - 1m -
AVG - 1m -
VC1 - 1m -
AVK 5 - -
PQR 4 - -
PHA 3 - -
AQR 3 - -
VD13 2 - -
PVT 1 - -
PVP 1 - -
VD3 1 - -
VD4 1 - -
VD5 1 - -

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